Why Is The Esports Industry Flourishing

Why Is The Esports Industry Flourishing

The current generation is so hooked to their devices that if you want to catch their attention you must offer it on their gadgets. That probably is one of the reasons for Esports to have such a meteoric rise in the past few years. What is Esports anyway?

Esports is competitive digital gaming enjoyed immensely by adults and children likewise; it is basically electronic sports wherein a group of people plays computer games against each other. But unlike what you imagine these games are not restricted to the confines of homes and your living room but are conducted in huge arenas with large audience egging their player to excel and win. It is in fact believed that there are an estimated 148 million esports enthusiasts across the world. You can safely say today, esports have a viewership that is at par with baseball and hockey.

What is the role of this industry in the financial world?

The gaining popularity of the game has piqued the interests of the markets. It is believed that this industry alone can produce approximately $1 billion by 2019. It’s global reach portals a future where it might garner a spot in the mainstream sports world too. That being the case there are immense opportunities for investors to purchase their own teams or invent or produce content that enhances the user experience. What we see is the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to come. If you are keen on tapping your potential in this field, download any of the several automated trading apps like Ethereum Code and supplement your income to direct to this investment. Learn more about this automated trading software before taking the plunge.

Why is this industry growing?

We have listed few of the reasons for the increasing popularity and growth of the esports industry.

  1. Sponsorship revenue – Almost 71% of the revenue generated in this industry comes from sonships and advertising. Game publishers use this platform to promote their own games. Several non-gaming companies also come to these events to advertise their wares and reach out to the digitally oriented young.
  2. Available to anyone with a cellphone – Since the introduction of the smartphones our lives have transformed massively. Anybody who wants to be noticed has to make his presence felt on the small device and then they can reach an audience anywhere on the globe. Esports is no different; the ability to access games from your hand-held device virtually anywhere has popularized these games tremendously.

Currently, the number of esports gamers is small but it is a matter of time before they make their mark in the wider world of sports.