Where To Invest Your Money

Where To Invest Your Money

Most of the individuals still keep the money in their savings accounts instead of investing. Even though it earns the interest, in the long run, that money will fall short to meet your requirements as it does not take inflation into consideration. The savings accounts offer a very low rate of return. Hence it is very much essential that you need to look for other options in investments so that your money grows.

Investment options

Fixed deposits in the bank- The most popular choice for individuals is the fixed deposit in banks as it offers assured return and is highly secure.  One can opt for cumulative, yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly interest options. The interest gets added to the amount deposited and once it matures you will receive the amount along with interest in a lump-sum. It comes with very low risk.

Trading in digital currencies- In order to trade in the digital currency you don’t have to be an expert in the field or have a prior experience. You just have to choose a reliable and trustworthy trading platform like there code to do the work for you. It has an automated option wherein the trading robots conduct all the transactions and help you earn money. Find out more here about the software.

Debt mutual fund schemes- Most of the investors considers investing in debt mutual fund schemes as they give steady returns. These funds are less volatile and hence, therefore, less risky when you compare to the equity funds. The debt mutual funds invest primarily in the securities that generate a fixed rate of interest like government securities, corporate bonds, commercial papers, treasury bills and other instruments in the money market.

Direct equity- Everyone will not be ready to invest in stocks because of its volatile nature and has no guarantee of returns. In addition to this, it is quite tough to choose the right stock and timing the exit and entry are also not that easy. However, the advantage it got is that it can deliver a higher return which adjusts the inflation over a long period of time when compared with other asset classes.

Public provident fund- This is one fund which most people turn to.  It has long tenure and the tax-free compounding interest has a huge impact on the fund especially towards the later years. Also, the principal invested and the interest earned is backed by the sovereign guarantee and it makes a safe investment.