How To Trade Cryptocurrency

How To Trade Cryptocurrency

In the internet era, everyone simply has to live with the fact that cryptocurrency will slowly become a reality. While traditional currencies are relevant, more and more people become immersed in technology, owning and transacting with cryptocurrencies will become a reality sooner than we think.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are tough enough to understand. Since it isn’t as straightforward as money with its notes and denominations and micro units (think nickels, pennies) a lot of people find it difficult to comprehend this form of currency. Since this is now a valued commodity, it is up for trading and a lot of people have been trading and have hoarded a lot cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars in the past few years.

Trading cryptocurrency is easy – you can use a platform provided by a cryptocurrency or an automated trading robot like you do for binary options.

What is Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code is a trading bot for the Ether cryptocurrency and is known to give its users excellent gains. It is a trading platform, much like the ones used by day traders and uses a simple registration and deposit+withdrawal process to help its users get profits. The whole point of a trading bot for cryptocurrencies is to ensure that users have a safe platform that isn’t tied to any one currency. Since cryptocurrency is basically software code, it is imperative that the trading platforms built for it are also safe for people.

The advantage of the Ethereum Code is that it takes the pain of trading a cryptocurrency by constantly monitoring it away from the trader. You can download this bot and its inbuilt features will take care of the rest of your trading.

There are a lot of advantages of using the bot:

  • Low risk. Unlike the tall claims being made by everyone, Ethereum Code loses very few trades – think 4 in 1500. So, the chances of you running consistent losses are very little. And this can happen with or without a bot. If all traders traded with 100% success all the time, the economy would never have a bearish phase.
  • Usable by everyone. This is one of the best parts of using this bot. Simple access points make it available to a wider audience and to a larger user base as well.
  • Good returns. Ethereum Code doesn’t promise millions of dollars, but good and consistent returns. And when it comes to money, consistency wins over the lottery on any given day!



Reasons To Start Your Own Business Instead Of Finding A Job

Once you have completed your education, the next step that you intend to accomplish is settling down in terms of your professional life. In this case, one generally considers three main alternatives. The first one is to commence your own trade, provided you have ample cash in hand for this venture, second is finding a suitable job opportunity, and third would be for those who still wish to start a business but don’t have enough finance in hand for the same. That alternative is to take up a job to create substantial savings first and then start their business gradually.

By analyzing all these preferences, we can understand that any day more and more people are willing to commence their own business, which is actually turning out to be a brilliant idea.

Let’s find out how running your own business is more beneficial than picking up a 9 to 5 mundane job.

Advantages of business over jobs

Some of the ways in which having a business is superior to running around for a job are listed below-

  • No restrictions on finances and profits: Unlike the hobs that we do in a recognized firm, there is no restriction on how much you will earn in a month. Including the additional incentives you get in your company, you are always sure how much money you will get in a specific month. However, when you are running a business, your profits can be endless.


  • You are your own boss: As there are no restrictions on you in terms of time and working hours, you have the leverage to work according to your convenience. You set your own deadlines and function in a manner that is most suitable for you and your team in every sense.


  • No retirement: If you are doing a job, then one or the other day you have to retire from the services that you have been offering to the industry for However, when you are working in a business, there is no limitation on you for retirement. You can work there till the time you are comfortable and willing to do so. It’s completely your decision to take these calls regarding when you would like to retire from work.


  • Own identity: Having your own business gives you an opportunity to create your own identity in the industry. People get to know about your services by your name, thus boosting your self-confidence and motivation.

You can always take inspiration from several successful business models such as that of Ethereum Code and create your own on the same lines. Ethereum Code gives you a chance to float your money in some of the safest hands serving the cryptocurrency industry for years. Establish your frames keeping the same ethics in mind and rule the industry like a boss.

Mutual Fund For Your Post Retirement Income

Mutual Fund For Your Post Retirement Income

You need to put in a lot of thought and detail when you are planning to save for your post-retirement days. The funds that you invest into should be able to generate income to sustain you and your spouse in your old age.

The retirement income fund

There are many retirement plans that save into mutual fund schemes. However first know what they are. You could invest into the automated trading robot or by the retirement funds that invest into stocks, bonds, and many fixed-income instruments. There are many that invest into a mix of these funds. Thus the retirement funds are diversified and the plans are designed for those who are about to enter the retirement age.

The main purpose of having a retirement fund is that it helps you to invest your assets but into instruments that are not risky. This is important so that one is able to generate income all through his life.

Selecting which mutual fund to invest into for your retirement

This is not an easy selection to make. You need to make sure that the retirement fund that you select allows preservation of the asset and offers income to you. It should also let your money to grow. The most important thing that you need to consider is that your money should be safe and at least be able to beat inflation. It is not important to grow your money at a high percentage at this age, but it should be safe and grow enough to beat inflation.

If you choose to invest your money into risky investments then your money will be exposed to the market risks which could even end up in you losing all the money invested. So stay away from these risky options.

When you buy a mutual fund investment scheme for your retirement then it should have a good long-term record. The short-term performance of the mutual fund schemes should not be considered because this could be very varied. Also, do some shopping to buy the mutual fund schemes that do not have a load and also has a low expense ratio. Make sure that your principal is protected because you cannot risk losing the capital amount that you have invested into mutual fund scheme at this stage of your life


Retirement is not an option and thus you need to be prepared for your retirement in advance. However, the sad truth is that even though many understand this they delay their retirement planning.

The days to your retirement are not many so start investing for the same early. Prepare yourself for the golden days and be strong financially to take care of yourself and your spouse during your old age.

Finding the Right Attitude to Be a Successful Business Owner

Finding the Right Attitude to Be a Successful Business Owner


Majority of the entrepreneurs will disclose to you that beginning a venture is the most difficult as well as the most compensating approaches to acquire a living.


  1. Engage in what you know

You ought to begin a business that spotlights on what you have involvement in. That can be earlier work involvement or an individual interest that you’re prepared to transform into a vocation. Regardless of whether a venture thought appears to be exceedingly gainful in principle, never begin that venture except if you are passionate about the automated trading robot.


  1. Begin with a well-characterized reason

In order to get the venture started, you will require an unmistakable reason. This reason ought to be something more elusive than cash, such as offering back to your locale by making occupations, taking care of an issue that you find in your day by day life, or seeking after an energy. This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t likewise take a stab at profiting, simply that your essential objective ought to be the accomplishment of a more prominent reason.


  1. Know your client

Prior to beginning, set aside some opportunity to do statistical surveying and become more acquainted with your clients and your sector. You will likewise need to consider who will be purchasing your item or utilizing your administration and take in the most ideal approach to engage this populace.


  1. Find an initial step rather than a goal

You ought to dependably begin with a venture plan that can start running rapidly on a low spending plan. Such a large number of independent companies begin with bombastic objectives that will need a lot of initial capital and financial specialists. Nonetheless, fruitful organizations will have a plan that can be utilized on a little scale.


  1. Create an encouraging group of people

The most essential aspect of effective venture proprietorship is overcoming your own conscience and looking for help. Your greatest wellsprings of exhortation will be your gathering of business partners and different experts that offer your objectives. Encircle yourself with educated and fruitful individuals and indulge in their thoughts and energy.


  1. Find a guide

A decent guide for this situation is somebody who has just run or is maintaining their very own effective business. This guide can assist with anything from being aware of how to deal with your representatives to appropriately recording your charges. Since their insight originates from personal understanding, they’re ready to assist you more than anyone else.


Sway Business Plan

Sway Business Plan

The startup that you have been hustling as a side business and it has become a success because of which now you are planning to make it your full-time job. But let us stop and think whether you have been preparing for this or even given it a thought! Have you been making a business plan? Whether you believe it or not, every business will need one since a rigid foundation is provided by the business plan which will be good for the future of the firm. But investing in this business will not be a good idea, find out more here.

Rising entrepreneurs can make use of this method of approaching to draft a business plan with the help of a few ways. Either they can choose to make a business plan in a traditional way which would highly detailed way of making a plan. These plans are written considering the future of the company up to 5 years and hence it might be of 40 pages. On the other hand, you can choose to make a lean business plan which will denser class of the traditional way.

As mentioned above in writing business plan traditionally, they will be way more in detail than the lean plan where all the things covered by it are:

  • Concepts
  • Executive summary
  • Description of the business.
  • Strategy
  • The analysis made on the industry
  • Analysis of the market.
  • Business organization
  • Financial estimation
  • Requests for funds if any

However, it is left to you to decide whether this type of plan is very in-depth for your startup in which case you can choose to go with the lean plan. There are 9 things that need to be covered however, they are not that complexly written.

  1. Value proposition: This section of the plan will describe the value of your startup.
  2. Key partnerships: This section will consist of the information about any partners the business has. This might include vendors, suppliers, and outsourced businesses.
  3. Key activities: The strategies you will use to grow your business.
  4. Key resources: The capital and properties that are intellectual which are considered as the main resources.
  5. Customer segments: The customers that you are targeting.
  6. Channels: The source you will consider to reach out to your customers like emails, social media, and newspapers.
  7. Customer relationships: Describe the things that your company will be able to offer to its consumers.
  8. Cost structure: Enlisting the most remarkable costs you will need to achieve the strategies.
  9. Revenue streams: The firm ideas you have for each revenue stream.

Smart Tips To Handle Your Home Loan

Smart Tips To Handle Your Home Loan


Majority of our population has been covered under the home loan fantasy. We live in the age in which owning a house be it an individual type of villa or apartment has become a necessity. Making it luxurious and getting into contracts with high budget real asset companies is the trend today. Every second advertisement on media is about such flats for sale at lowest EMI (equal monthly installments)per month, budgeted interest rates, easy prepayment and with all facilities that are available etc. People get easily lured by such phrases”low-cost EMI” and “low-interest rates”, it is a sad state that their dream of owning a house gets them entangled with a lifelong financial commitment called HOME LOAN.

There has been much research into finding how to solve the issue of the repayment of the home loan in simple ways rather than keeping it to become your lifelong commitment. Find out more about this from this article which is a humble attempt to quickly and crisply explain to you the smart ways to handle your home loan.

  • Try to make partial pre-payment: rather than being just paying your monthly EMI sincerely, try to make a lump sum partial prepayment on your principal amount that will help to reduce your sum of the loan to a lesser This is one of the easiest and best tips from many financial advisors.
  • Make EMI higher: though 80 percent of loan seekers go by the words “low-cost EMI” this is something only fit for advertisement or phrasing. In reality, paying a higher EMI will reduce your financial burden and make it a real The number of years of loan repayment gets reduced drastically and you own your house much earlier than expected!
  • Entitle with a bank that offers low-interest rate: today every bank has the facility of a home loan, but not everything looks attractive to you in terms of its policies. thus, take a careful survey in finding the bank which offers a low-interest rate and also the personnel of the bank who is capable to advise you in the right path. This type of advice is much needed in the long run and at the time of loan closure.
  • Be regular with monthly payments: once you get a loan, make sure to be regular with monthly payments of EMI, make the equal payments as easy payments by being punctual with payment. Refraining from this not only will affect your credit score but it may affect your credibility which may prevent you from getting other loans in the future.
  • Calculate using a mortgage calculator: these are tools which show the entire data related to a home loan, in terms of interest rates, prepayment types and every minute detail which will help you to compare and find out the best suitable loan that will suit your financial ability.



Where To Invest Your Money

Where To Invest Your Money

Most of the individuals still keep the money in their savings accounts instead of investing. Even though it earns the interest, in the long run, that money will fall short to meet your requirements as it does not take inflation into consideration. The savings accounts offer a very low rate of return. Hence it is very much essential that you need to look for other options in investments so that your money grows.

Investment options

Fixed deposits in the bank- The most popular choice for individuals is the fixed deposit in banks as it offers assured return and is highly secure.  One can opt for cumulative, yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly interest options. The interest gets added to the amount deposited and once it matures you will receive the amount along with interest in a lump-sum. It comes with very low risk.

Trading in digital currencies- In order to trade in the digital currency you don’t have to be an expert in the field or have a prior experience. You just have to choose a reliable and trustworthy trading platform like there code to do the work for you. It has an automated option wherein the trading robots conduct all the transactions and help you earn money. Find out more here about the software.

Debt mutual fund schemes- Most of the investors considers investing in debt mutual fund schemes as they give steady returns. These funds are less volatile and hence, therefore, less risky when you compare to the equity funds. The debt mutual funds invest primarily in the securities that generate a fixed rate of interest like government securities, corporate bonds, commercial papers, treasury bills and other instruments in the money market.

Direct equity- Everyone will not be ready to invest in stocks because of its volatile nature and has no guarantee of returns. In addition to this, it is quite tough to choose the right stock and timing the exit and entry are also not that easy. However, the advantage it got is that it can deliver a higher return which adjusts the inflation over a long period of time when compared with other asset classes.

Public provident fund- This is one fund which most people turn to.  It has long tenure and the tax-free compounding interest has a huge impact on the fund especially towards the later years. Also, the principal invested and the interest earned is backed by the sovereign guarantee and it makes a safe investment.


Do You Apply Tax Strategies When Investing?

Do You Apply Tax Strategies When Investing?

Many of us are aware of the fact that the income received is taxable. This applies even to the income from the investment. When it comes to investment, all that we think of are the total earnings and the returns from such investment. Investors fail to read and realize the tax implications from such earnings. Many investors sacrifice half of their earnings/returns by paying the tax. Evading tax is illegal. Hence investors must look for investment strategies where they can enjoy both returns and tax advantages. There are ways to minimize your taxes on investment income. Let us analyze a few of them.

1) Look for the tax advantages: Not all the investment incomes are taxable. It is legal to avail the tax benefits or the advantages framed by the government. Do maximum research to benefit tax advantages and exemptions so that you get to enjoy all the benefits and privileges from the investment. For example, income by way of dividend is not taxable in the hands of the shareholder as the company pays such taxes. The tax rate also differs based on the term of investment holdings. Hence, an investor must look into overall tax aspects before investing in any investment.

2) Avoid short-term capital gains: When an investment is held for a period of less than a year, then such investments are called the short-term investments. The tax rate in case of short-term investments is high when compared to the long-term investments. When the stock prices are high and favorable for sale considering the market conditions, it is recommended that you do the backward calculation by analyzing the net income after tax and then proceed to execute the trade if still gain a decent amount after such analysis. Don’t decide in haste and execute a sale by considering only the price of the security. By extending your period of investment, you tend to save much tax.

3) Take advantage on the exemptions: While there are tax-free investment plans framed by the government from time to time, the government also offer tax exemptions to the investors upon fulfillment of conditions. Some assets carry a special rate of taxation. Investment in bonds allows you to claim a deduction from the total income. In a nutshell, think from a broad perspective and execute your transaction effectively.

Investors are eager to trade in the cryptocurrency market as they generate a phenomenal return. Investors seek the help of automated trading robot for trading in cryptocurrency. While trading bots help investors in earning an exorbitant return, it is the duty of the investor to study the tax implication from such income before executing the trade.


Financial Planning For Single Women

Financial Planning For Single Women

If you are a single woman, happily unmarried then enjoy your life. However, make sure that you do the proper financial planning so that you have a good lifestyle and also save for your retirement.

You have chosen to stay alone and around 35 you do not have dependent parents, children or a husband. You have seen the world, are well read and also make a good living working in a middle or top management role. You live well but there are a few things that you should look into so that you are able to maintain this lifestyle and also age well.

  • Buy a medical insurance- You should get a health insurance policy before everything else. The amount of insurance coverage that you need is dependent on what your lifestyle is like. It should offer a critical illness cover as well.
  • Emergency fund – Keep at least six months of your expenses aside in the form of an emergency fund. You need to invest in a fund that is flexible and liquid. This is required in case there are any issues with your employer and you need to quit work. This could also come handy in case you want to take a break from your career. Save through this trading software.
  • Buy a home – Buying a home for yourself is a good idea so you have a roof over yourself. However, ensure that you calculate the value of your home properly because this is a long-term Do not take a major liability and calculate your EMI’s judiciously
  • You should also save into other financial instruments to meet your goals. There are a number of debt funds and monthly income plans. If your area financially savvy person then you could go for some complicated instruments. Else try to keep your savings simple.
  • Retirement fund – Retirement planning is very important because you have no one to look up to in your old age. You could save in the retirement funds offered by the government. You could also start to save towards a pension A reverse mortgage is a great way to pay for yourself when you retire but this cannot be substituted with a retirement fund.
  • Will- Even if you are single, ensure that you have a The nominee could be afar off a relative or someone close to you.

In case later in life you finally decide to marry and settle down then you would need to look through your financial planning. But if not then ensure that you take care to include all the above points and save towards them.

Investment Strategies To Overcome The Economic Recession

Investment Strategies To Overcome The Economic Recession

An economic situation of a country undergoes various changes that are temporary in nature. Recession refers to shrinking economic situation wherein the industrial activity, trade, and the market performance declines in the country. The business gets affected, the price of goods and services gets increased, increase in job lay-off and so on. Many people lose their job when the economy faces recession thereby resulting in no inflow of income. During such crises, one eventually ends up depending on the income from their investment. Hence, it is appropriate that one use the right investment channel to help oneself during any financial crises. Read the below investment options that one could invest to overcome the recession.

Invest in consumer goods

The demand for a basic living never gets affected regardless of the economic situation. The food and consumer goods market never dies. The demand exists as long as humanity exists. Hence focus on investing in the stocks of consumer goods and food industries so that you get a constant return. One needs to invest in the company that produces staple goods and not the luxury ones.

Dividend Yield Companies

Companies declare the dividend in the form of cash or stock. We would need cash or the cash equivalents to meet our operational needs. When the economic situation undergoes recession, the stock market performs poor and the price of stock crashes. Due to this, investors would not prefer selling their stocks as they would incur a huge loss by selling. By investing in a company that has high dividend yield, you can manage your requirements during the recession as such companies pay a dividend to its shareholders every year if not quarterly. Investors can reinvest the dividend amount in the form of shares as the value of share decline during the recession and enjoy earning higher profit and dividend when the market rebounds.

Look for a bull market

A Bull market is a trading terminology where the market is likely to experience a rise in the value of a stock. During the recession, not all the market decline. There will be a bull market somewhere, and an investor must look for the hidden bull market. You will find some venture where you can make money due to the circumstances created. For instance, the automated trading robot in the cryptocurrency market does have high demand even though the market shrinks. You need to look under the hood and avail the best opportunity.

The overall economy declines at the time of recession. This doesn’t mean that one would always incur a loss during the recession. You still can earn sufficient income and enjoy profit if you find the appropriate solution to handle it.