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The liberals were right on one point

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on January 24, 2014 at 4:23 pm

The liberals were right on one point. It is true that the world has undergone massive, breathtaking changes. But what they overlooked was the fact that in the midst of all of this change, some things have not changed at all. God in his character, counsels, and knowledge has not changed; the human being, though fallen, remains in the image of God; sin in its nature has not changed across the ages; the significance of God’s acts in history has not changed; the abiding truth of God’s word has not changed; the reality of the incarnation and the results of the cross have not changed, so neither has the gospel. It is the same gospel which is to be believed in all places and times, and among every tribe, ethnic group, culture, and generation. It is no different today for those in the Builder generation than for those who are Baby Boomers, or Gen Xers, or those in the Millennial generation, though you would never guess this from listening to the more adventurous, entrepreneurial evangelical leaders who are busy growing their own churches in selected generational niches.

The revelation God has given us in his Word is enduring in its relevance, in all places and times, precisely because it corresponds to what does not change. It is not simply a reflection of the changing culture of a world long since vanished, the cultural worlds in which it first arose. It is God’s truth for the church in all ages and all seasons.[1]

– David F. Wells

[1] Carson, D. A. et al. Only One Way? Reaffirming the Exclusive Truth Claims of Christianity. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2006. Print.

  1. The other things that have not changed are the day of judgment and the reality of hell. The liberals do well to remember that too.

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