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Family-Integrated Churches

In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on March 9, 2013 at 12:07 am

Family Integrated

Sam Waldron discusses the Family Integrated Church Movement on the Reformed Forum.  Listen here

Reformed Forum

  1. Thanks for this discussion. P Waldron is always helpful. However, may I clarify a few things?

    1. To speak about a movement in such general terms is not always helpful. Who are we speaking about when we use the term FIC? There are so many variations, that we can no longer lump them all together (as P Sam pointed out).

    2. Families can worship without nurseries. We have a dozen young families with several toddlers who worship fine without using the nursery (which we do have). Instruction, patience, and a measure of tolerance are necessary.

    3. In my humble opinion, there are several important things we could learn from our confessional brethren associated with family integrated churches. These could easily fill an hour of discussion.


    Mike Waters
    Heritage RBC

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